Sunday, February 05, 2017

What I'm Up To

The less said about the recent Superman films, the better. But I ended up buying Mattel's Multiverse 6" Superman figure. Mostly because of the cool light blue plastic that made the body out of. (Anyone out there think the Superman figures were harder to find than the Wonder Woman ones?)

So, anyway, I am using "Metallic Ice Blue" paint to make all the strange "frills" stand out more against the lighter blue body. See photo:

Looks silver to me…

Friday, January 13, 2017

World of Nintendo Gravity Suit Samus

I can't believe how nice this figure turned out.

For some reason, I've always preferred Samus in her Gravity Suit. I guess purple seems more appropriate for a bounty hunter than orange. (And don't get me started about Zero Suit Samus!)

Taking the figure, I applied metallic purple and gold paint over the more plain purple and yellow that the figure was sporting. You can see what the original figure looked like here.

This picture doesn't do the figure justice but oh, well…

(I also did the morph ball.)

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Microman Supergirl

It's been over a year since I last posted something. A lot has happened since then and not much either. I'm really happy that the CW picked up Supergirl for a second season.

Speaking of Supergirl, here is a custom paint job that i have been meaning to do for a while. This is the Microman version of Supergirl. It's basically a Japanese figure of Superman's famous cousin with a very anime looking face.  Both Batman and Superman were made in this line, and you can check out the figures more here.

Unfortunately, the figure is based on Supergirl's 200X design where there is less costume than there should be. Also, what I didn't like about the figure was that the shoulder ball joints were flesh colored instead of metallic blue. (The one thing i really liked was the articulated hair.)

So, with some metallic blue of my own, I painted her mid-drift and shoulder sockets. Now, I'm not sure how long the paint will stay on her shoulder sockets, but it looks good at the moment. Being a fan of Supergirl in the 80s, I had to paint her skirt red though I don't think it turned out as well as her mid-drift.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens Predictions

So, the new Star Wars movie is coming out soon, and for all we know Disney spent $250 million dollars for the 2 teasers and 1 trailer of a movie that doesn't actually exist. In case there is an actual movie on the way, here are some predictions from me:

1. It's actually a remake of A New Hope. The New Order (bad guys in white armor) battle the Resistance (the Rebellion / the underdogs) for control over the galaxy. Now the Darth Vader groupie/wannabe has a fully operating planet destroying weapon (Starkiller Base) to level the playing field. Tthe climatic battle is the Resistance flighting against time to destroy the weapon before it destroys the planet where the Resistance's main base is (with Leia, Han, etc.). Does this sound familiar?

2. Finn is not a Jedi.  I feel like Rey is actually the main character of the movie, and Finn is a decoy. Sure, he's still a main character, but he's not a Jedi. Rey is. Rey is the next Luke, Finn is the next Han, and so on.

3. Han Solo dies in the end of this movie. Harrison Ford has wanted this for thirty years, and sure doesn't want to be in Episodes VIII and IX. Here's the longshot, though: Finn is his son.

So, in Marvel Comics, they introduced a character named Sana Solo, who claims to be Han Solo's wife. Straight out of the Doctor Who playbook, it seems to be half and half where you can believe whatever you want about the marriage. Anyway, Solo dies and gives the Falcon and Chewie to Finn, his son with Sana Solo.

4. Luke Skywalker is not in the movie. Well, not much anyway. He's in exile or hiding or something like that. We see him in a few flashbacks, saying goodbye to R2, etc. Once Rey decides to be a Jedi, she'll need to find where Luke went to just like Luke sought out Yoda. So, Episode VIII will be the search for Skywalker.  He is not the bad guy in black, and he didn't go to the Dark Side. Sorry.